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The Animal Health Centre is here to provide the best veterinary care available, with

the aim to keep our patients happy and healthy.

We understand that your pet isn't just a friend but also an important family member,

so we're dedicated to helping them & you with their health care needs, not only

when they are unwell but also with their day to day care. 

Our vets are experienced with small animals, as well as large animals and can perform

a range of different surgeries. 

We now offer puppy classes!

Run by one of our qualified nurses on Saturday mornings.

Contact Annette at or contact the clinic for more details.


​Located at 28 Marmion Street, Donnybrook WA

Ph: 9731 1912 


Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm & Wednesday till 7pm

Consultations by appointment

Put a spring back in your pet's step over winter!

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